Busby SEO Challenge

Posted by Cora at 2:06 AM

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busby SEO Challenge is really challenging. My blog is a new one and I know it's not easy for me to compete with others who's already using their existing site but at least I try. I don't want to use my existing blog because other blog has it's own niche. I really want to have relevancy in my post. And also this blog is for experimentation. How can I be able to predict that the experiment is useful or useless if I'll post it to existing site with existing backlinks. But anyway even if I'm not able to be on top 100 it's ok with me because I'm not just here to compete I'm also here to experiment.

Right now I'm not on the top 300 but I hope I can increase my ranking in Busby SEO Challenge.


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