Saturday, June 21, 2008

I was really hopeless this past week because my blog post for Busby SEO Challenge is not indexed by google. And also the last time I check my rankings, I was not even rank in top 300. So in order for my blog post to get indexed I submitted it on GWT and I was so surprise with the result the post is on google indexed and my site is on top 100 now. I hope the rankings will remain.


renanorola said...

You at the top 100 for busby seo challenge I am also a contestant but same as you I already experimenting cause im not an seo experts like you...But now i believe that you already know to increase traffic. It is important to register and submit blog from directories? and to participate from forums?
Hope you can help me as a begginer..thank you so much..this is blog

renanorola said...

the site that I am using is not blog the blogspot is from other visit this site to reply for my comments.. thanks